It's here. The much-awaited canvas to


make the most gorgeous looking and


mouth-watering Shell Idlis is here. Do


yourself a favour, will you? Go order 


one set for your family. And wait for


the compliments to pour in.

Make the most

beautiful idlis

ever made.


Idlis with a whole new twist

Made from food grade aluminium with a world-class, non-stick Greblon coating to help you cook fluffy scallop shell shaped idlis with minimal fuss, the design-patented Shell Idli plates can be used with your existing pressure cooker. One set has four plates. And each plate can serve four idlis. So, at one go, you can cook 16 soft shell idlis. 


Born to be terrific 

There is a reason why we call ourselves Terifica. Because we aim to do terrific things. Yes, you heard that right. We don't do the run of the mill. We don't make your average product. We aspire for wow. Like a child reaching for the stars. With that same twinkle and wonderment in the eyes, we set up shop in 2017.


Born deep south in Tiruvannamalai. With the ever resourceful and enterprising E. Anand as our founder and head honcho, we looked far and wide shopping for interesting and innovative ideas that can make food more appetizing. That's when we met Wannawill Inventorium, the folks behind Shell Idli.


We loved the concept when we saw it. And were the first to license their product for manufacturing. And now, the first to bring the Shell Idli to thousands of plates across India. Our journey of innovation has just begun. In the coming years, we hope to bring you many more exciting concepts to life. Stick with us.




A breakfast staple of not just Tamil Nadu, but the whole country, the idli is on the verge of a major cosmetic transition. 


Tired of plain, boring, round idlis?  Wannawill Inventorium has jazzed things up with their shell-shaped mould


 Wannawill Inventorium has given the humble round  idlis a 21st century update, with their shell idli moulds .


We actively look out 

for socially trending

innovative ideas.


We only license 

patented designs

and products.


We figure out the

manufacturing process

and get into production.


We use the most

cost effective form

of distribution.

Our View on Creativity

"“If you want something new,

you have to stop doing

something old”."

—  Peter F. Drucker